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On the announcement poster of the fest-noz that will be played tonight, Anjela Duval (the real one) appears head bristled with a huge afro mane to the Angela Davis ... It was necessary to dare. These two did: the flutist Jean-Luc Thomas and Cyril Le Gall gave free rein to their unbridled imagination to make history. "Everything started with a joke of potaches in the form of elucubration: and if our Anjela Duval had met Angela Davis? "Relate the two old-market accomplices.

The object of the offense, or more exactly delirium, ends in this fest-noz atmosphere Black Panthers party, "with wig and fist in the air." Besides the festive aspect, it will include an important musical score with various trumpet musicians dear to Jean-Luc Thomas, who celebrates with the trumpeter Gaby Kerdoncuff the 10 years of their label Hirustica, at the rate of 10 events over 10 months under the name: Operation 10 Wing Rings (West-France on October 12th).

To get into the mood, the evening was a pretext for even shifted photo shoots ... The trégorrois musicians lent themselves to very seventies poses. Filled with humor, they revisited this famous photo of Anjela Duval receiving at her farm a delegation of young singers, poets and writers Breton.

On that day in 1973, Gilles Servat, Yann-Ber Piriou, Loik Kervoas and Paol Keineg met. "We are right in the revival of the Breton folk movement. On the cliché, Anjela looks elsewhere. Whose direction? What if it was Angela Davis? Starting from this, the jolly drills orchestrated this reconstruction photo, with the detail, with the singer Nanda Troadec in the role of African-American activist, Olivier Urvoy en Servat, clarinettist Goulchen Malrieu in Piriou, Jean-Luc Thomas In Loik Kervoas and Gaby Kerdoncuff in Paol Keineg.

Pushing a little further the audacity - artistic this time, Jean-Luc Thomas invited on stage Kick Blast, a group of hip hop with the humorous and quirky vein to which it will join.


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