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A few weeks ago, you were presented with Junior Cox Noon, a boy with an impressive mass of hair, to such an extent that the web had given him the nickname "the world's most hairy baby". Well, this little boy has to worry: a girl is taking her title!

This little girl is Heather Serna, 21 months old. She has such hair that her parents are often suspected of putting a wig on her head, tell the Daily Mail. Yet the hair of this little girl, who comes from Singapore, is more than natural. His mother, Nina Serna (33), tells that it has always been like that since her birth. When Heather was only a few months old, she took an hour to dry her! The mother added: "They grew up to 15 cm and were standing upright. It was hard for me to see where I was when I wore it wigs for black women, especially when climbing and descending the stairs!"

The young mother and her husband find it hard to understand where this hair can come from: "Henry and I have really thick hair, but considering how her hair holds up, Sister of my husband, Vona ". At the birth of Heather, her parents did not know she was an exceptional case: "She was born with a head full of hair and initially I thought it was no different from other babies." But they soon realized that a mass of hair like this was not usual for an infant when they saw the reaction of people. Indeed, they are often stopped in the street and passers-by ask them if they can take a picture (or if it carries a wig).

"It attracts so much attention every time we go out. At the supermarket, when we dine in the restaurant, and even on the train people stopped us." Fortunately, little Heather has nothing against all this attention. She loves to pose for pictures, and simply refuses to wear headbands that hold her hair.

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