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Certain chemotherapies are responsible for the fall of the hair and the hair, and this sometimes despite the installation of a helmet refrigerant at the time of the beginning of the chemotherapy. This hair loss continues during treatment, but is only temporary. After the hair stops, the hair always grows back, and very often looks better than before treatment.

However this disadvantage of chemotherapy can be masked by buying and wearing a wig. This should be placed before the total hair fall to hide the undesirable effects of the treatment with your entourage.

We offer you a list of establishments, validated by the acceptance of a charter, making or selling wigs: before the purchase, also ask advice to the nursing staff about the quality of their service and the prices charged.

Because the acquisition of a capillary prosthesis proves to be a crucial moment in the journey of the sick human hair, the National Cancer Institute (CNIB), with the participation of the League against Cancer, wished, in collaboration with the Professionals of the sector, to elaborate an ethics charter and good behavior of the vendor of wigs. The objective of this Charter is to optimize the conditions of reception and care of these people when buying a wig. Professionals who have chosen to adhere to the Charter can report it to their clients (affixing a sticker and displaying the charter).

Before making your choice, know that you can find beautiful peruques at reasonable prices, so do not hesitate to inquire before making your final choice. Our committee can guide you in your decision.

The following is a list of professionals who have joined the CNIB Charter to date and who are committed to the "Host Charter"

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