There are synthetic wigs many on the market


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Beach hair is trying to imitate the way to your hair looks Echthaar wigs after a day at sea. Do you know that beautiful disheveled look you get on the beach after a day? Even if you're not getting to the beach anytime soon, it's easy to create that look at home (or help with our stylists).

First you need a salt spray for your hair. There are synthetic wigs many on the market, but it is really easy to make on your own. Add a cup of water into a spray bottle, add a few teaspoons of sea salt and take a little conditioner or Moroccan oil. The good thing about your own spray is that you can adapt it to the needs of your hair. Hair color variations vary; They can require more or less salt and lace wigs conditioners depending on the thickness and the low thickness of the hair. Simply spray on the damp hair crunch or diffuse to dry.

The last chance to create waves reminds me of my childhood. At night after showering, leave the hair halfway to dry. Separate hair into two or three sections and braid the hair firmly. In the morning, the lady's peruecke hair becomes dry and will loosen in beautiful waves. Spray with additional salt spray and finishing spray for hold.

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