For the actual hair wigs can be applied to all products


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Chemotherapy usually changes a bit of skin color. The skin tends to take in cold riflessaure drunk. And "good practice of choosing warm colors. Given that, as with real hair human hair wig manufacturers, the Reds need more care to stay with shiny washings. In natural hair wigs (true) color can be changed at any time including works of leaves, wicks.

For the actual hair wigs can be applied to all products that one feels exactly like on treated hair. Hairspray, gel, mousse, wax and also extension!
Summer wig, winter wig

When you are faced with therapy during the summer it is advisable to opt for a more slender look of the wig and possibly moved. This allows buy wigs, with a real hair wig, use a foam, then wear the wig too wet (great relief in heat).

Normally, the hair begins to fall after about 20 days from the first cycle. If the appearance of the wig is different from the current one is recommended, after ten days of the first cycle of chemotherapy to perform cutting their hair the same as the wig.
Then, when the fall becomes obvious, it makes drastic cuts.
To deprive themselves in advance of their hair does not make sense.

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