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Nothing easier than dressing up as Miss or Mister World. Just a dress fitting, a band to write "Miss World" and heeled shoes. For the crown and scepter, you can use your imagination and aluminum foil. And the hilarious thing is that this costume is perfect for her and for him. Which in this case will have to gear up the wig, padded bra and lots of glitter. Last thing: do not forget the speech on world peace. And the Miss World title goes to ...? You obviously.

It is ideal for simplicity try to emulate the look of those who have made history, such as Coco Chanel, Audrey Hedburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Twiggy. But also to film cult characters such as Anna Karenina, Greta Garbo or Daisy of The Great Gatsby. A make-up inspired by the past and a simple black dress, and voila: you will become an instant into a diva of the past.

Much more of a costume, a work of art. The famous picture of costume is original idea for the carnival costume. Dress up as Mona Lisa ponytail extensions, for example, it is simple. Printed on a rigid support the famous painting and recreated the golden frame. Then make a hole to pass through the face. There will only have to add one more enigmatic smile.

If you enjoy the idea of being a celebrity for a night, here's Carnival costume that suits you. Some stars are so "exaggerated" that will be very easy to recreate their look. For a Kim Kardashian costume, for example, it will be enough to obtain black wig liscissima and a big padding for "behind." Snoop Dogg, however, will wear sunglasses, hat and loose clothing rapper, rings and necklaces with a dollar sign. The same rule applies for the other celebrity: the more eccentric and iconic, and the easier it is the disguise.

The themed food Carnival costume is very funny idea. If you are a couple you can opt for eggs and bacon. Cut a piece of cardboard plastic egg-shaped and another slice shape. Paint with spray color: white for the egg white and pink and red for bacon. To tie the costume glued to the body with two Velcro straps on the back of the gauge. To make a red realistic egg, however, you can use a bowl right color plastic. Here is "served" a costume that will whet the appetite.

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