Be careful not to put too much fat on your wig to avoid the sticky


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It is advisable if you have a mannequin, to put the wig on the mannequin head so it will keep a correct shape. Otherwise, lay a dry towel and put the wig on.

Allow to dry in the open because the application of direct heat on the wig cap dehydrates the hair and unevenly damages the skin membrane located on the skate, this can lead to hair loss. You can also spray on a little conditioner (after shampoo or hair mask) and brillantine to maintain the shine. Be careful not to put too much fat on your wig to avoid the sticky appearance or the "package" effect.

Once the wig is completely dry, gently cover the wig.

If the wig is curly, you can use curlers, a curling iron, or mix a small amount of moisturizing lotion and styling mousse in the palm of your hand then apply the mixture on the hair. We recommend the use of the fingers to those of the combs. Combine daily use of your fingers and a spray for easy loop retention. Use the comb only in case of knots.

If the wig is smooth, be sure to use a brush in order to remove any knots, you can also use a straightening iron. Once the wig is completely dry, re-dress it gently.

You can use a hair iron either to smooth or curl and a hair dryer on human hair.

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