If you want to wear a wig to change your look


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More and more women are adopting the wig.
Why ? The reasons are many: it can be a way to test a new cut, hairstyle or hair color. It is also a way to change heads regularly without waiting several months. For others, the wig is a way to stay feminine even when the disease goes through there ... Whatever the reason, how to choose the right wig?

In Vannes, your hairdresser specialist in Afro hair advises you!

First, you must first identify your needs in order to be able to differentiate between the different types of capillary replacements available.

Each case has different needs in terms of fasteners and wig fixings. Also, it is important to know towards which types of techniques to turn to ensure a comfortable and natural look.

If you want to wear a wig to change your look, there is no rule to follow micro loop hair extensions, other than your taste. Simply enjoy yourself!

However, if you are looking to cover your naked skull following an illness, choose the type of wig depending on your case.

It is a capillary prosthesis capable of offering a perfect fixation wig uk, even when there is no hair at all.

Thanks to a system of non-slip small notches, this type of wig is characterized by a total adhesion to the skin of the skull.

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