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I spoke to you a few months ago HERE, a fashion accessory the WIG or more simply the Wig.

This article had been very successful and attracted interest, but also questions. I had at the time ordering Full Wigs synthetic hair wigs on for less than 15 € including fdp.
To see HERE and HERE in two of my looks;)

I had found the concept funny and friendly to match my hair to the spirit of my different looks.

Today I come back with a new WIG very high range, because it is a natural hair wig, made to measure *!

I explained to you human hair wholesale, I was contacted following my different post on the Wigs by the site Wig Couture, based in England and who is specialist in the creation of customized hair.

They offered to test one of their products and talk about it, I was satisfied. I speak to you because, yes I am more than satisfied although, I had some apprehensions at the beginning.

Unlike my other Full Wig synthetic hair that covers the whole head, real hair included. They offered to test a 3/4 Wig or Half Wig, a wig that covers only three quarters of the head.

The apprehensions I had:

1. Color worry with my real hair (which are three different shaded hair colors included).

2. The installation problem that seemed more complicated than a Full Wig.

3. The side not very natural and seeing once in place.

So I started in the search for Tuto and Video Review to get an idea of the product, its installation and rendering.

And this was the revelation the 3/4 Wig is a kind of mega extension strip clip, more pretty, more natural and less galley.

I try the adventure and agree to test this Half Wig, I give all my measurements as indicated on the site (it is custom made), I send photos of my hair and especially my base and photos Of capillary inspirations of what I would like to receive.

I want more volume, curls and extended my shadow hair with a little length. I want a princess hair: D

I wait about two weeks for my wig, handmade in England, to be sent.
I receive it via FedEx, 48 hours later are sent. Very well packed and protected with a user manual in English, for installation and maintenance.

As soon as unpacking I discover a long hair and hair well supplied Brazilian hair with a nice shaded hair. I found the base initially a little too sharp and dark compared to mine. I put spray sun on my roots occasionally to break my base too dull. I decide to do the same on my new wig for a look at the top of the natural.
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