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نوشته شده در تاريخ چهارشنبه 24 آذر 1395 توسط mhjfgbe
These 35h of Baba were full of emotion! Cyril Hanouna had a surprise for his favorite columnist: he decided to "tunisianize" him. Indeed, the moderator noticed that for a while, Matthieu Delormeau was associating more and more with this country. It has to recall it ironed some sequences. On the latter, we can see Matthieu Delormeau first announcing that henceforth, he preferred to be called Kader Delormeau. Afterwards, we can see him singing different songs of the country, and even try to speak Tunisian on the set. On the last flash-back sequence, he wears a wig and sings shaking his shoulders alongside oriental dancers.

Well Baba decided to realize the dream of Matthew. He called a man from the Tunisian embassy, and asked him to "Tunisise" Delormeau. Matthew was shocked, and very collaborative. The man asked him to recite a sentence in Tunisian, "in your language, then!" To the chronicler. The latter performed without flinching, with some difficulties of pronunciation. He subsequently made sure he knew what this sentence meant, but was unable to repeat it to Cyril Hanouna. "But in any case, the Tunisians tell me that I have language facilities ...", he declared invisible lace wigs, making Cyril hilarious. The man subsequently asked her to take a test. "Go ahead," he asked the chronicler. He then executed himself. The Tunisian then called him "Matthew, Matthew, Kader!". At the agreement of the name "Kader", he immediately turned. Passed test. Then a badge was handed to him. Matthew - sorry, Kader - said he was very proud.

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