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Wigs require proper care. There are two types of wigs: synthetics and human hair. Synthetic wigs can not be thrown away with heat, but they are cheaper than those of human hair. Human hair wigs can be cast with heat and even colors. Whatever the composition of the wig, the process of disentangling is the same. The best way to untangle a wig is to use a comb of products and detangling.

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1 Apply a conditioner each time you wash the wig. The wig Do not wash more than once or twice a month.

2 Attach the wig tightening bracket to the work for the purpose of style and untangle the wig more easily.

3 Put the wig on the door terminal.

4 Sprinkle a detangling on the wig. The detangling covering the hair with a layer of balm or oil in order to make the surface smooth.

5 Remove the knots from the hair with a comb or fingers. For short or medium length hair is fine with a comb. For wavy or curly hair and long straight hair, it is good to use a wide tooth comb.
The article goes on to say

6 Paint your hair from the tips. After removing the knots full silk cap lace wig, move the hair upwards. Continue to comb until you remove each knot from the wig.

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When I put my head up for the first time, my thoughts went through my head like "Oh my God, I will never wear this wig, really never!" But the first panic lay quickly, because the wig had to be washed and then cut. So wait. Because patience is yes my best friend :-D ... At least after the styling the world looked quite different again. I had a real hairstyle on my head! Where before only lint my head graced was now a thick, healthy-looking hair head to find. I still know today that I had to say permanently "These are many hairs!", "The hair is really fat!", "I've never had so many hairs on my head, are not that too many?". I was really baffled. I had to get used to my new mirror image and the new hairy feeling.

At the beginning I wore the real hair wig only from time to time to test hairstyles. I was not ready for the general public. But the day came. It was a Saturday in August 2013: I went to the city to take my fingernails to a manicure. I put the wig on for the first time. This is going to be exciting. After the parking I get out of my car and deliver myself to the glances of the people.

These were the words that went through my head. I thought I would wear these words as a stamp on my forehead.

EACH stares at me because I wear a wig. The ...
But what should I say? None of it happened. It did not bother me, either. It was probably me, the other people increasingly under scrutiny - in anticipation of a derogatory reaction.

After a while, I felt more comfortable. Negative reactions did not occur. I suddenly had a sense of beauty in me. I can not describe that exactly, but I felt with my new hair from one to the other moment somehow attractive. I would be very happy, because I was increasingly attracted by people who gave me a light smile. Madness! How quickly panic turns into satisfaction. I was really relieved this Saturday morning.

I can look at my future with wig so a little serene :-)
How the reactions of people from my environment have turned out so badly Wigsen, I tell you another time. I hope I could give you an insight into what fears I had, but also that some fears are unfounded. Sometimes one is most likely to get in the way.

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Reading this response will allow us to insert ourselves back into the forum for clarification and give the readers of the forum on this reply friend Elisaa77

What do you mean by high quality wigs without having to spend a fortune?
It would be fair to know the prices of these products and understand everything else, type: Material used for making ceilings, type of fiber used, origin etc etc then you can talk about convenience.

As for the expression on the contribution of the wig might be more accurate, it would be interesting to understand that users know exactly what this contribution and the regions that give if you understand what the methodology adopted so that it also offers to Other regions that are not, if it refers rather to the deduction of income tax, it is the same for all 19%.

For our producers to be and by far more than 50 years, we do not know that there is a synthesis that, as it indicates, you can:
Seed cells, phonars and more hypoallergenic, synthetic with thermal burns and lvorremmo just look at the effect it gets by doing what it has written that you can do on these products.

The first thing to remember is that there are no specific wigs for chemotherapy and therefore the fact that it specifies the hypoallergenic calls in question its information as our sail alert or to cause you to believe that these wigs do well In people who affettuano cycles of chemotherapy that direct them to this specific mark.

In person affettua this care, because precisely so that the same care, they can occur and rarely certain diseases, risolvibilissime after the end of the treatment cycle, then do not worry, among which, being more sensitive to odors, Food tastes, and among them also become more sensitive to certain products and in this case also a storage leg could give an allergy or irritation, so even less synthetic worn for many hours a day, it calls hypoallergenic.

We repeat that our intervention is just to put the clarity and soothe those people who, despite themselves, are facing a period of chemotherapy treatments short synthetic wigs, reassuring them that passed this time and even their hair will be back like before.

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The answers are in the questions, everyone knows them. In the "Skin Territory" the moment becomes the sloping surface. No one can hold himself. Chloe's lover, the top model Xin Sheng (Xin Wang), does not want to stay in the game as the current Belle de Jour, as allegedly Clarisse, Chloé, Ira and Sylwia. (Kate Rozz, in bourgeois truth, Katarzyna Gwizdala, mutilated as Sylwia genital.) Xin denies an agent's consensual coitus, and is sent expressly as a rapist "back into the gutter". (The boss scares her out of the apartment where "the girls" are concentrated.) One sees Xin professionally on knees in a suburb of Paris, in her monologue intérieur a sick grandmother ghosted as a last stop before the final prostitution.

This is extraordinarily kitschy and far from what I had imagined to be a praise of "Paris Decadence - The Skin Territory". The eloge suggested something like "Deep End *". I always fall back on women who match Nouvelle Vague and Art House in one sentence. They also find "Paris Decadence" well.

The film is as thin as clear film, the criticism of mechanisms of the contemporary girls' trade is dripping with fascination for this meat market. Much comes in sepia and over-turned colors. As Shanghai Belle, Xin becomes a weak-willed domina. It distinguishes men from their shaving water. She fled in wigs. She visits people in hotels who need high doses of pain and do not get at home. One is looking for the proximity to suffocation, which is the number with the plastic bag. One can be pushed needles under the skin. Shanghai Belle punishes its customers with moral impetus. She whips to the following admission: "This is for your children half wigs human hair, who will never know what they have for a terrible (presumably in the sense of bigots) father."

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And why in God's name does Jennifer Aniston not read the handwritten letters of her two boys to the end? This is what Mother's Day is all about: self-made kitsch and promises with spelling mistakes. ("Dear mommy, bring you ap to the bed always on sonttags" or "It tuht me real lead, that I never the trash rausbringe, I vomit myself to water").

Jennifer Aniston has to admit that she has the mother's role (as in "We are the Millers", the fifth time with Jason Sudeikis on the side), although she does not have any children of her own. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, who can name three children, plays a childless child discount african american wigs, who is too stupid to hold a baby and is punished with a wig gray human hair wigs, that the viewer's hair is highly personal in the neck

No matter, enough bitched. We also want to mention briefly what is good: So, Jennifer Aniston, as I said, and Jason Sudeikis as a mother's father who fights with his widower existence and responds to other women. Except his daughters, who are pretty puberty and send him to tampons. Beautiful supermarket scene: "What do the cotton organic tampons cost?" The cashier calls the cashier so that it can also hear the last at the meat spot, and reminds strongly of Hella of your senses with "Tina, wat cost the condoms "?

Jason Sudeikis is also praised, because especially the scene, in which he looks at a video of his deceased wife (Jennifer Garner), who sings karaoke for him, drives the viewer's tears in the eyes and one is with him.

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Only a few days ago, Professor Luke White had announced his choice on his Facebook profile: "You have to run because we are light years behind compared to developed countries in human rights for trans people, I do not agree with it in steps."

The father of a student sent a harsh letter alderman of Education of the Region Elena Donazzan: "No one was aware, the parents were not warned, even the teachers did not know anything, I leave you to imagine the faces boys hair wigs women, somewhere there was some laughter celebrity lace front wigs, but the shock was greater to the point that a girl from another class she felt ill. After one day no school leader spoke with anyone. He did not know anything. " I do not think so another parent who has sent another very significant letter alderman for Education: "My daughter came on the same day to me and said the same thing, and I explained that I have the courage of his teacher and the same principal should have many do not understand what act did upset so much that parent: his son now learn something more from the school, or that in this world we are people, not labels. "

The commissioner Elena Donazzan is on a rampage in a case that has defined very serious and stated that urgent measures will ask: "Can not a thing that a teacher arrives with fake wig with fake breasts, heels. I find this dreary exasperation of himself, as if to shock. From my point of view it is not suitable to teaching because to do so you have to have a balance. " The institute's president Francesco Ardit has dampened the controversy, specifying who is a teacher and as such should be respected.

The school director of Venice Domenico Martino added that personal choices are not covered in the analysis of the teacher's tasks.

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Chemotherapy usually changes a bit of skin color. The skin tends to take in cold riflessaure drunk. And "good practice of choosing warm colors. Given that, as with real hair human hair wig manufacturers, the Reds need more care to stay with shiny washings. In natural hair wigs (true) color can be changed at any time including works of leaves, wicks.

For the actual hair wigs can be applied to all products that one feels exactly like on treated hair. Hairspray, gel, mousse, wax and also extension!
Summer wig, winter wig

When you are faced with therapy during the summer it is advisable to opt for a more slender look of the wig and possibly moved. This allows buy wigs, with a real hair wig, use a foam, then wear the wig too wet (great relief in heat).

Normally, the hair begins to fall after about 20 days from the first cycle. If the appearance of the wig is different from the current one is recommended, after ten days of the first cycle of chemotherapy to perform cutting their hair the same as the wig.
Then, when the fall becomes obvious, it makes drastic cuts.
To deprive themselves in advance of their hair does not make sense.

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Nothing easier than dressing up as Miss or Mister World. Just a dress fitting, a band to write "Miss World" and heeled shoes. For the crown and scepter, you can use your imagination and aluminum foil. And the hilarious thing is that this costume is perfect for her and for him. Which in this case will have to gear up the wig, padded bra and lots of glitter. Last thing: do not forget the speech on world peace. And the Miss World title goes to ...? You obviously.

It is ideal for simplicity try to emulate the look of those who have made history, such as Coco Chanel, Audrey Hedburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Twiggy. But also to film cult characters such as Anna Karenina, Greta Garbo or Daisy of The Great Gatsby. A make-up inspired by the past and a simple black dress, and voila: you will become an instant into a diva of the past.

Much more of a costume, a work of art. The famous picture of costume is original idea for the carnival costume. Dress up as Mona Lisa ponytail extensions, for example, it is simple. Printed on a rigid support the famous painting and recreated the golden frame. Then make a hole to pass through the face. There will only have to add one more enigmatic smile.

If you enjoy the idea of being a celebrity for a night, here's Carnival costume that suits you. Some stars are so "exaggerated" that will be very easy to recreate their look. For a Kim Kardashian costume, for example, it will be enough to obtain black wig liscissima and a big padding for "behind." Snoop Dogg, however, will wear sunglasses, hat and loose clothing rapper, rings and necklaces with a dollar sign. The same rule applies for the other celebrity: the more eccentric and iconic, and the easier it is the disguise.

The themed food Carnival costume is very funny idea. If you are a couple you can opt for eggs and bacon. Cut a piece of cardboard plastic egg-shaped and another slice shape. Paint with spray color: white for the egg white and pink and red for bacon. To tie the costume glued to the body with two Velcro straps on the back of the gauge. To make a red realistic egg, however, you can use a bowl right color plastic. Here is "served" a costume that will whet the appetite.

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It is advisable if you have a mannequin, to put the wig on the mannequin head so it will keep a correct shape. Otherwise, lay a dry towel and put the wig on.

Allow to dry in the open because the application of direct heat on the wig cap dehydrates the hair and unevenly damages the skin membrane located on the skate, this can lead to hair loss. You can also spray on a little conditioner (after shampoo or hair mask) and brillantine to maintain the shine. Be careful not to put too much fat on your wig to avoid the sticky appearance or the "package" effect.

Once the wig is completely dry, gently cover the wig.

If the wig is curly, you can use curlers, a curling iron, or mix a small amount of moisturizing lotion and styling mousse in the palm of your hand then apply the mixture on the hair. We recommend the use of the fingers to those of the combs. Combine daily use of your fingers and a spray for easy loop retention. Use the comb only in case of knots.

If the wig is smooth, be sure to use a brush in order to remove any knots, you can also use a straightening iron. Once the wig is completely dry, re-dress it gently.

You can use a hair iron either to smooth or curl and a hair dryer on human hair.

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More and more women are adopting the wig.
Why ? The reasons are many: it can be a way to test a new cut, hairstyle or hair color. It is also a way to change heads regularly without waiting several months. For others, the wig is a way to stay feminine even when the disease goes through there ... Whatever the reason, how to choose the right wig?

In Vannes, your hairdresser specialist in Afro hair advises you!

First, you must first identify your needs in order to be able to differentiate between the different types of capillary replacements available.

Each case has different needs in terms of fasteners and wig fixings. Also, it is important to know towards which types of techniques to turn to ensure a comfortable and natural look.

If you want to wear a wig to change your look, there is no rule to follow micro loop hair extensions, other than your taste. Simply enjoy yourself!

However, if you are looking to cover your naked skull following an illness, choose the type of wig depending on your case.

It is a capillary prosthesis capable of offering a perfect fixation wig uk, even when there is no hair at all.

Thanks to a system of non-slip small notches, this type of wig is characterized by a total adhesion to the skin of the skull.

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